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The Innovation Rainmakers

Your partner of choice for innovation, business development and international collaboration


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European Projects Funding

We help organizations identify and attract funding from various EU and national funding programs. We also offer top-level professional proposal development and writing support.
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Research & Innovation

Innovation is a marathon, not a sprint. Rainno strives for meaningful collaborations with researchers and industry partners to help accelerate tech transfer and new product launch.
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Business Development

Concept through launch, our services are very 'hands-on' - we're out there raising capital, writing business, marketing & sales, and operations (implementation) plans, doing financial modeling, and more.
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Project Management

We offer top-notch project management consultancy services across the entire project lifecycle - helping organizations successfully manage systemic change.

Startup Support

Our customizable services work seamlessly to help startups in the pre-seed and seed phase to move quickly, smoothly, and cost-effectively from idea to scale-up.
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Dissemination & Communication

Promoting project results to a wide spectrum of stakeholders is a great challenge! We approach it with flexibility, adapting messages to the need of each audience and complementing them with all the communication means that will ensure maximum visibility and engagement.
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Capacity Building

Bespoke training, coaching and mentoring with visible impact. We support organizations on transformative journeys with a hands-on approach based on real cases.
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International Cooperation

We lay the right foundations for identifying the most prospective markets and developing strategies and operational programs when entering emerging markets.

How we bring the rain

Innovation is essential to a company’s long-term success. But even in the best of times, innovation investments are difficult. Typically, success rates are low, and returns on investment are far from assured. In RAINNO we apply a hands-on approach aiming to maximize your return on investments from innovation by offering access to Know-How, Funding and Networks.


Know How

We work closely across various levels of hierarchy to help companies and organizations prioritize their innovation needs and formulate their strategic research agenda. Then we help them translate this strategic agenda into a concrete program with realistic and measurable short and medium term targets with emphasis on funding and delivery.



We start by helping clients identify the opportunities for funding, with emphasis in competitive EU initiatives, where advanced expertise and understanding of the R&I landscape are needed. Then we support clients in preparing high quality proposals and/or participating in competitive consortia.



Innovation with global market ambitions can rarely be developed without global collaborations. This statement becomes more relevant if we take into account the requirement of many EU initiatives for multi-disciplinary collaborative research. Under this framework we help our clients identify the proper partners for their R&I project.

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Rainno is a boutique innovation consultancy that supports companies and international organizations in collaborative R&I project management, communication, marketing, and development. We have years of experience in flagship EU initiatives-such as FP6, FP7, and H2020. 

Discover a full suite of innovation services and find the piece you need to unlock the true potential of your R&D in a sustainable and impactful way. We offer targeted and tailored support across the entire innovation lifecycle—from sourcing partnerships and designing strategy roadmaps to securing funding and implementing new experiences that have driven solid commercial return. 

As expert strategists, doers and coaches, we work with a diverse mix of clients, from small startups with an idea, to industry, government and research organizations on a mission to shape and implement their growth plan and cooperate to make innovation inevitable. 

About Us

Our team has a sustained and proven track record in sectors such as ICT, Agrifood, Environment, Biodiversity, E-government, Energy, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, and more.


We offer you a thorough exploration of your funding options at European, national and regional levels. We have several years of experience in mission-critical, large-scale projects in Research and Innovation, emphasizing flagship EU initiatives such as FP6, FP7, and H2020. Our support covers all the stages from preparing the application to the implementation.


Our experienced team delivers customized assistance to your organization's needs. We have a proven track record in ICT, Agrifood, Environment, Biodiversity, Energy, E-government, Entrepreneurship, and more. We deliver a bespoke modular approach to innovation acceleration, advising our partners and clients on which tools they need, when they need them and how to get the best out of them.


We help organizations of all sizes, sectors, and industries unleash their hidden potential in research, development, and innovation – to access crucial know-how, funding and connections. Rainno is an impact-oriented ecosystem consultancy that stimulates open innovation and strives for win-win value creation opportunities.