The first operational data and analytics platform dedicated to food safety risk prevention in Europe.

About the project

EFRA is an EU-funded project focused on improving the safety and quality of food for European consumers. By using extreme data mining and analytics, EFRA addresses major challenges related to food risks. EFRA aims to develop and test solutions to discover and process food risk data from various sources, design user-friendly tools to measure the effectiveness of risk prevention, and create trustworthy and accurate AI systems for food risk prevention. EFRA will also use advanced technologies like big data, IoT, and AI to foster links to food data innovator communities and strengthen the European food supply chain ecosystem. To achieve these goals, EFRA will design and deploy tools that will be tested in real-world use cases from domain experts.

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    € 4,833,797.50

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Our role

Rainno is in charge of the dissemination, exploitation, and communication planning and activities. Essentially, Rainno is responsible for developing multi-channel and multi-actor marketing strategies to share the project’s results and outputs with various stakeholders and ensure that the EFRA branding is consistent across all communication channels. Rainno is also responsible for creating tailored-made innovative Business Models stemming from EFRA’s use cases, able to successfully address business challenges in the fast-changing and demanding food risk data economy. Moreover, we are also involved in monitoring all project-related work and management activities as part of WP7, ensuring that the project is meeting its quality assurance standards and milestones.

EFRA in numbers


from 7 countries


for the evaluation of the EFRA Platform


5 scientific & 5 industry-oriented workshops


novel AI models for emerging food risk predictions


analytics-capable EU data space for food safety data and predictions


scientific publications

The EFRA Platform

A cloud-based, Green, High Performance Computing (HPC) platform composed by three tools:

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A data platform able to search, mine, process, annotate, and link dispersed, heterogeneous, and deep/hidden food safety data sources.

2 / 3

An analytics and AI platform with an extensible set of modules running over a green cloud High Performance Computing (HPC) able to distil useful insights & signals from the EFRA Data Hub, and train green AI models for food risk predictions.

3 / 3

A front-facing user-friendly web app that allows interested users to discover, purchase/use, and contribute with raw data, AI models, and analytics modules, thus creating an economy where data holders and data consumers can engage and trade.