Enhancing Competitiveness, Resilience and Sustainability of Remote Farming, Forestry and Rural Areas through Holistic Assessment of Smart XG, Last-mile and Edge Solutions’ Gains.

About the project

XGain is a project aimed at fostering sustainable, balanced, and inclusive development of rural, coastal, and urban areas. The project facilitates access to smart connectivity, last-mile connectivity, and edge computing solutions for stakeholders such as municipalities, policymakers, farmers, and foresters. The main XGain outcome will be the Knowledge Facilitation Tool, a user-centric and easy-to-use online platform that supports decision-making in the selection of internet connectivity and edge technology options with appropriate operational business models. The platform will be validated through a variety of use cases, covering diverse locations, connectivity needs, local requirements, sectors and edge and connectivity solutions. This ensures that we are capable of meeting the wide range of connectivity needs in European rural communities.

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Our role

As the leader of WP6 “Impact Maximisation and Outreach” in the XGain project, Rainno is responsible for creating effective communication, dissemination and exploitation strategies, spreading the word about the project to a wide audience. Our role, additionally, involves conducting market analyses and engaging with stakeholders to ensure that the project’s results are widely adopted. As capacity-building experts, we provide training to farmers, foresters, and rural communities, helping to build their capacity and knowledge. Finally, Rainno leads the development of innovative, environmentally friendly tailored-made business models for last-mile and edge technological solutions as well as Exploitation and Sustainability plans.

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